Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0

By Clint Boulton

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - FedEx Print Online

FedEx Print OnlineRob Carter, executive vice president and CIO of FedEx, demonstrates Print Online, which allows users to access and print any Kinko's document from anywhere online. Users can distribute files, connect to the FedEx distribution network and have documents delivered to customers.

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - Intellipedia

IntellipediaThe CIA's wiki, Intellipedia, lets agents post documents, stories or even theories to the organization's highly secure Web site. The CIA-

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - Intellipedia vs. Wikipedia

Intellipedia vs. WikipediaSecurity clearances aside, there are a number of differences between Intellipedia and its Wikipedia forebearer. For example, you may be able to secretly post on Wikipedia, but if you post something to Intellipedia, everybody with clearance on that particular network will see it. This leads to responsible posting.

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - The CIAs Other Tools

The CIA's Other ToolsIntellipedia may be the broad spy network, but a lot of other tools go into the agency's daily workflow. These include a tagging system called TagConnect and iVideo, which is the CIA's version of YouTube.

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - Google Then and Now

Google Then and NowAs a warm-up to his talk on the evolution of enterprise applications in the cloud, Google Enterprise Product Manager Rishi Chandra shows a Google home page from 1997 and a current Google homepage. The changes are incredibly few, underscoring Google's focus on simplicity.

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - Data Is More Secure in the Cloud

Data Is More Secure in the CloudThis slide is designed to show how data stored in the cloud is more secure than that stored on users' machines It's a tough argument to challenge for two reasons: low deployment of corporate cloud solutions compared to on-premise, followed by the dearth of security threats to the fortress-like data centers operated by Google, Yahoo, IBM and others.

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - Googles Growing Customer Base

Google's Growing Customer BaseChandra highlights how Fortune 500 and other large companies are using Google Apps for collaboration. These apps include Gmail, Talk and Docs, as well as the Postini assets for SAAS (software as a service) security.

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - Pfizers Simon Revell

Pfizer's Simon RevellRevell treats the Enterprise 2.0 audience to Pfizerpedia, the company's version of Wikipedia, created by Pfizer's Christoper Bouton. Adoption was slow at first, but Revell watched it take off under his aegis, helping the London-based technologist communicate with his U.S. colleagues.

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - DIGWWW

DIGWWWWhile Pfizerpedia put the drug company on the Web 2.0 map, Revell reveals the premise behind DIGWWW, a Pfizer internal community that looks at how Web collaboration software could be used to create collaborative environments within Pfizer.

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Key Scenes from Enterprise 2.0 - Enterprise 2.0 Throwdown

Enterprise 2.0 ThrowdownHarvard Business School's Andrew McAfee, credited with coining the Enterprise 2.0 term, grills panelists on the state of Enterprise 2.0. From left to right: McAfee, Pfizer's Simon Revell, Wachovia's Pete Fields, Sony Computer Entertainment's Ned Lerner, and the CIA's Don Burke and Sean Dennehy.

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