Lacework Warns of Unsecured Container Orchestration Dashboards

Today’s topics include a Lacework study finding 300 unsecured container orchestration dashboards, and HPE adding a hybrid cloud-as-a-service offering to its GreenLake cloud platform.

According to a report released June 19, Lacework conducted an analysis of cloud-hosted container orchestration deployments and discovered 21,169 publicly facing container orchestration platforms. Of these, 300 deployments were found to have open administrative dashboards without any required access credentials.

The report observed that the cluster orchestration system dashboards that are open to discovery on the internet could potentially disclose information that might be useful to attackers.

In its research, Lacework also found Kubernetes to be the most broadly deployed container orchestration system, representing 76 percent of the container orchestrators discovered in the cloud, while 19 percent of clusters were running Docker Swarm.

Meanwhile, 95 percent of the discoverable container orchestration system dashboards were found to be hosted on Amazon Web Services.

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Discover show in Las Vegas June 19, HPE officials unveiled the latest addition of its GreenLake cloud computing platform, a hybrid cloud-as-a-service offering that gives organizations an automated cloud operating model for running workloads in both public clouds and private on-premises environments.

The new offering builds on previous GreenLake solutions unveiled last year, including an infrastructure as a service that delivers a pay-per-use model with metered usage and flexible capacity management capabilities.

Meanwhile, the company’s Aruba business introduced the concept of the software-defined branch, which integrates the various aspects of the network in branch offices into a single solution for more simple operations, reduced costs and improved security.

Tying all these together also enables easier scalability of the branch network, according to Kishore Seshadri, vice president and general manager of cloud solutions at Aruba.