LANsurveyor Does Fast Assessments

Neon Software's LANsurveyor 9.0, with its new Continuous Scan module, makes it easy to find unapproved systems on a network.

The number of machines in my core test network rarely changes. So, Neon Softwares LANsurveyor 9.0, with a new Continuous Scan module that started shipping last month, made it easy for me to find systems that were added to the network without my knowledge and to scan the Windows machines for vulnerabilities.

Small and midsize IT shops that run mostly Windows systems will likely find LANsurveyors Continuous Scan module, priced at $495, worth the cost.

As the name neatly describes, Continuous Scan lets LANsurveyor automatically search the network at regular intervals and compare findings with an approved list of machines on the network.

I was able to configure the software tool to deny access to any newly discovered unapproved system. And Continuous Scan made it easy for me to spot newcomers and quickly add them to the approved list.

For a quick little security tool, Continuous Scan nicely leverages many of LANsurveyors capabilities into a helpful package. A trial copy of LANsurveyor with Continuous Scan can be downloaded at


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