Lenovo Shows Off Mysterious Security Gateway

Almost hidden among the exhibitors at the RSA security conference was Lenovo's booth, where it was displaying its 3U KingGuard security gateway appliance. While it's only sold in China, Lenovo is looking for partners to help bring the security appliance to the U.S.

Amid the noisy and crowded aisles of the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week was a curious exhibit, a small booth with a backdrop picture of the Great Wall of China and that declared, "Lenovo: The leader of Information Security in China." On a folding table sat a Lenovo-branded 3U security gateway appliance-the KingGuard (see photo below).

"We sell only in China today, but we are looking for partners to bring it to the U.S.," said Jiangli Li, vice president of Lenovo Security Technologies, a division of Lenovo.

According to Lenovo literature, Lenovo Security Technologies has been operating in Asia since 2001, building a series of products ranging from unified threat management (UTM) appliances, firewalls and VPNs. The KingGuard security gateway was launched in 2008, providing deep packet inspection, protocol analysis, traffic management and load balancing, and incident logging with up to 20 Gbps throughput.

"KingGuard applies several innovative technologies like unique matrix parallel processing and dynamic load balancing multicore CPU to improve security network processing capabilities and reliability of the whole system," reads product literature.

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