Locking Up Your Identity

'Identity Theft', by John R. Vacca, discusses prevention methods that Web site operators can implement to protect their customers' information and identities.

Identity Theft, by John R. Vacca, is a must-read in todays technological society. It will show you how to protect your familys personal information from being misappropriated by criminals or from accidentally getting into the wrong persons hands.

This book describes in detail all of the aspects of identity theft. It goes through the entire process of how ones identity can be stolen. It also addresses what can be done to reduce the likelihood of it occurring to you and how you can tell if youve already become a victim. Finally, this book tells you how to report identity theft to the proper authorities and recover from the invading experience should it happen to you.

The popularity of the Internet and online shopping has increased the risk of having your personal information stolen. Identity Theft discusses prevention methods that Web site operators can implement to protect their customers information and identities.

A relatively new security method described in this informative book is biometrics, the study of measurable biological characteristics—fingerprints as well as eye, face and voice patterns—that can be used to verify identity.

Other security issues detailed in the book are the use of digital signatures and data encryption.

In this modern world—with increasing amounts of personal information being transmitted through documents, fax machines, cell phones and the Internet—there is virtually no way to protect yourself 100 percent of the time from identity theft. However with this book you will have a better understanding of how criminals get the opportunity to abuse your information and of methods you can implement to assure that your personal information—credit cards, social insurance numbers, etc.—are better protected.

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  • Title: Identity Theft
  • Author: John Vacca
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Length: 475 pages
  • Price: $29.99