LogLogic Enhances SIEM to Improve Data Collection

LogLogic is updating its flagship product suite to improve the process of securely collecting IT data.

LogLogic is updating its security information and event management platform to streamline the collection of IT data across its IT infrastructure.

In LogLogic 5, the company has added what it dubbed the UCF (Universal Collection Framework) - a WAN-aware, store-and-forward, encrypted, compressed IT data transport designed to allow customers to collect data while increasing resilience and reducing network chatter. UCF leverages a new transport and store protocol that the company said it eventually plans to open-source.

"With LogLogic 5, we're now collecting the next level of information about systems on a network," said CTO Stephen Manley of LogLogic. "Not just events on a network, but also the 'flow' of information, or flow data. Some of this information comes from technologies like Cisco's Netflow protocol. We also can capture and understand application logs, both custom applications as well as off-the-shelf application log data as well. By being able to ingest not only log data, but flow data and application data, we can give enterprises a complete view if their IT data."

The encryption in the UCF provides an extra layer of security, Manley added.

"As you start collecting log data from across WAN, new issues arise, like the need to secure data and make sure your data collectors can function in the presence of network outages," he said. "LogLogic 5 has new support for this, which includes strong encryption to keep log data safe, compression and network bandwidth smoothing to optimize bandwidth, and reliable retransmission so collection can happen when network outages occur."

Using the log labels feature, enterprises can structure text-based data and auto-identify, parse and manage the information as it comes from applications and devices.

"Log Labels structures and organizes data against a common taxonomy," Manley said. "This allows any data source to be tagged against a common understanding of core log data attributes. This is in marked contrast to some of the 'searchy' solutions out there, which merely do free text indexing of log data without supplying any deeper meaning to the underlying data."

Large enterprises have a huge challenge in collecting, storing and processing their IT data, LogLogic CEO Guy Churchward noted in a statement.

"They have widely distributed, complex systems that are constantly changing, yet still need to meet compliance mandates, improve their security stance and understand the workings of their IT operations," he said. "With LogLogic 5, we enable 360 Insight, allowing companies to establish a streamlined approach for managing all of their IT data across all devices, regardless of whether they're physical, virtual or cloud-based."

The product is slated to be available in the third quarter of 2010.