Making Application Security EASI

Hitachi says EASI Express tool enables software developers to easily build security into apps.

Hitachi Computer Products America Inc. on Monday announced the release of its Quadrasis EASI Express application and Web services security solution.

Quadrasis EASI (Enterprise Application Security Integration) Express is a rapid application security development version of EASI Security Unifier, said Harriet Goldman, vice president of professional services for the Waltham, Mass.-based Hitachi unit. EASI Express provides pre-built authentication, authorization and attribute services that enable software developers to easily build security into applications, she said.

EASI Express secures C++ and Java applications, and when used with the Quadrasis/Xtradyne SOAP Content Inspector, enables developers to create solutions with interoperability between Web services and other applications.

EASI Express is an entry-level, developer-oriented product.

"EASI is a solution that bridges the gap between all the various security solutions that are available," Goldman said. "EASI is for the large-scale enterprise user, but we realized there should be an entry-level solution for developers to get introduced to this technology."

The Software Solutions Division of Hitachi Computer Products America provides Quadrasis products and services, the company said. EASI Express is available for download from Quadrasis Web site. Trial copies are currently available on Windows 2000 and the Solaris 8 Operating Environment.