Making IM More Secure

Two new software offerings from WiredRed and Omnipod promise more secure instant messaging and provide more tools for administrators.

WiredRed Software and Omnipod Inc. each released new software offerings this week for secure instant messaging.

WiredReds e/pop Audit and Reporting Server goes beyond traditional instant messaging with capabilities for centralized management, directory integration and for giving supervisors access to chat sessions. It also offers presence management, text-based chat conferencing, application sharing, remote control capabilities and voice-over-IP conferencing.

The software meets federal regulations that require financial services companies to record and archive instant messages, officials said. End-to-end encryption can be implemented using RC4, DES, RSA and other encryption standards.

e/pop Audit and Reporting, which connects to the San Diego-based companys e/pop 3.0 Enterprise Server, can analyze IM data and create reports from this analysis.

Separately, Version 2.0 of Omnipods Professional Online Desktop, or POD, is a secure instant messaging and file sharing application designed to connect employees, partners, suppliers and customers over a secure network.

In addition to offering IM thats interoperable with the major IM networks, this version supports centrally-controlled file sharing of multiple document types, log-based audit trails and assigned user access levels.

New York-based Omnipod provides the file storage, access, backup and security provisioning as hosted services, with users having to download a 4-MB client.