Marimba Adds Patch Management

Marimba Six's basic patch management is a good first step in right direction, finds eWEEK Labs.

Marimba Six, the latest hardware and software management suite from Marimba Inc., gains basic Windows patch management and software usage reporting capabilities.

The Marimba Six suite, which shipped last month, is priced at $15 per managed device for software usage and $15 per managed device for patch management. In eWEEK Labs tests, Marimba Six enabled us to track useful data, and we could use the monitoring features to corral software licenses, even in large enterprises running multiple operating systems.

However, our tests showed Marimba Sixs new patch management is not yet on a par with the high level of functionality we found in other parts of the product. For one thing, the patch management system is Windows-only. This is a far cry from the rest of the Marimba Six suite, which supports IBMs AIX, Hewlett-Packard Co.s HP-UX, Sun Microsystems Inc.s Solaris, and Red Hat Inc.s Red Hat Linux and other Linux operating systems.