Marshal8e6 Renamed M86 Security

Marshal8e6 changes its name to M86 Security as it pushes a Web and messaging security focus. The company announces the change along with plans for two upcoming products that bring together technology from recent mergers and acquisitions.

Security vendor Marshal8e6 is sporting a new name and a new bag of integrated products bringing its technology together with technology from recently acquired Avinti.

The new name-M86 Security-is meant to reflect the company's focus on Web and messaging security, and is the second name change for the firm in less than a year. In November, the company changed its name to Marshal8e6 when Marshal and 8e6 Technologies merged. In April, the company purchased Avinti for its behavioral-based malware detection technology.

"We've chosen this time to change our name because it kind of signifies the integration the three companies that make up M86 Security," explained Eric Lundbohm, vice president of Americas marketing.

Along with the new brand, M86 Security announced plans for WebMarshal 6.5 and MailMarshal 6.7, the first products to integrate technology from the Marshal and 8e6 Technologies merger and Avinti acquisition. The new version of WebMarshal will ship later this month. The latest iteration of the product leverages the 8e6 Technologies Web filtering database, which includes millions of URLs.

The upcoming MailMarshal release incorporates key technologies from the Avinti acquisition in order to provide unmatched protection against blended threats, Lundbohm said. That product will be available in October, he said.

Lundbohm added that the acquisitions will allow the company to better compete against vendors missing pieces of the Web filtering or anti-malware puzzle M86 can now provide.