McAfee: Database Security

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McAfee: Database Security

McAfee Database Security offers reliable, real-time protection for business-critical databases, including MySQL and Teradata. The platform integrates McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases into the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator centralized security management console to make it easier for an organization to incorporate database security into its overall management.

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Lieberman Software: Enterprise Random Password Manager

Administrators can use Enterprise Random Password Manager to identify known built-in administrator passwords and default configurations in the network. These default credentials are rarely changed but publicly known. With this information, IT staff can control secure privilege accounts against unauthorized access using these built-in accounts.

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Hewlett-Packard: HP Enterprise View

HP Enterprise View provides a dashboard-level view of all the business risks and presents C-level executives with a prioritized heat-map view of risk in security and IT operations. Enterprise View creates a "risk number" on a scale of 100 on the status of compliance versus vulnerabilities in the organization's IT systems. Enterprise View is designed to work with HP's security and information management tool ArcSight and will pull in information from HP TippingPoint and Fortify.

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NetIQ: Sentinel 7

Sentinel 7 is a security information and event management platform that simplifies deployment, management and day-to-day use of events data. Sentinel provides security professionals with actionable intelligence necessary to understand the threats to the network and data, and prioritize responses. The engine creates a "baseline" of normal activity and detects anomalies as potential threats.

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Fortinet: Fortigate 3240-C

The FortiGate-3240C appliance from Fortinet is a multi-threat security appliance boasting 12 hardware-accelerated 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The next-generation firewall exerts granular control over more than 1,900 discrete applications and provides real-time protection. FortiGate-3240C consolidates a rich set of security features, including Intrusion Prevention, user-based policies and endpoint policy enforcement. It will be available during the second quarter.

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Skybox Security: Network Assurance 6

Skybox Security offers continuous network monitoring with its latest Skybox Network Assurance 6. Security managers have immediate situational awareness of potential threats to the network infrastructure with network modeling and access path analysis. Map-based controls make it easy to examine network topology from a bird's-eye view or at a lower device level.

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BeyondTrust: PowerBroker Servers Windows Edition

PowerBroker Servers Windows Edition provides simplified privilege identity management for Microsoft Windows-based servers and applications that leverage Microsoft PowerShell. PowerBroker allows administrators to assign key administrative tasks to people without disclosing the full administrative password, such as adding administrator accounts and managing Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. The platform logs all actions that were performed with elevated privilege as well as by whom they were performed.

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Sourcefire: Next-Generation Intrusion-Prevention System

NGIPS provides fully integrated and intelligent application control for thousands of applications and custom detection for homegrown software. Customers can construct integrated security policies that balance access control with threat prevention to address application-layer-based attacks. Sourcefire has integrated FireSIGHT contextual awareness and automation to NGIPS.

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Prolexic Technologies: PLXconnect

A new Routed Mitigation Service, PLXconnect allows organizations to adopt Prolexic's distributed denial-of-service mitigation platform. PLXconnect establishes a direct physical connection from the client's network to Prolexic's scrubbing center with a private cloud.

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Trend Micro: Deep Discovery

Trend Micro's Deep Discovery threat-management platform is designed to help large enterprises and government agencies to detect and block advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks. Deep Discovery provides administrators with the network-wide visibility, insight and control needed to reduce the risk of APTs and targeted attacks. Specialized detection engines identify advanced malware and human attacker activity.

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ForeScout Technologies: ForeScout Mobile

ForeScout Mobile offers IT staff trying to get a handle on BYOD within the enterprise real-time visibility and extensive control for managed and personal mobile devices. Mobile is an add-on to CounterACT, and there are modules for native iOS and Android security as well as mobile-device-management integration. Pricing starts at $2,800 for 100 devices. ForeScout Mobile will be available in April.

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