McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus Adds Support for Firefox and AOL

SiteAdvisor Plus offers users new features.

McAfee announced Dec. 19 that its McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus safety tool now supports Firefox, AOL Instant Messenger and AOL Mail.

SiteAdvisor Plus actively shields consumers computers from dangerous Web sites encountered when browsing, searching, instant messaging or e-mailing, said officials at the Santa Clara, Calif., company. The new Protected Mode feature prevents consumers from browsing risky sites, while Link Checker analyzes links contained in e-mail and instant messages. SiteAdvisor Plus also supports advanced phishing site detection.

In addition to Firefox, AIM and AOL Mail, SiteAdvisor Plus supports a wide range of IM and e-mail platforms, including Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Live Mail and Gmail.

"McAfee SiteAdvisor gives online consumers more than 285 million individual site ratings every day," said Mark Maxwell, senior product manager at McAfee, in a statement. "Adding support for AIM, AOL Mail and Firefox to SiteAdvisor Plus extends the premium products reach to users of these popular e-mail, instant messaging and browser applications."

SiteAdvisors software adds red, yellow or green ratings to sites and search results based on proprietary tests of more than 95 percent of the trafficked Web, officials said. The software has already been downloaded more than 10 million times, they added.

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