McAfee: The Most Dangerous Top-Level Internet Domains

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McAfee: The Most Dangerous Top-Level Internet Domains

by Brian Prince

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.com Takes Command

The most heavily trafficked domain in the world went from No. 2 to No. 1 this year, with a weighted risk of 31.3 percent. Slightly more than 6 percent of the 15.5 million, .com sites McAfee analyzed were risky, but when weighted by the total number of risky sites worldwide, the risk ranking was 31.3 percent.

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.Info Domain Rises

The .info domain had a weighted risk ratio of 30.7 percent. That is roughly double what it was in 2009 when it was ranked No. 5.

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Vietnam's .vn Domain Jumps Up

The .vn domain was ranked 39th last year. This time, the domain came in with a weighted risk of 22.4 percent. Fifty-eight percent of the 24,988 .vn sites were found to be risky, but the weighted risk dropped due to the domains share of risky sites worldwide.

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Cameroon Drops in Rankings

Last year, Cameroons .cm was ranked the most dangerous domain on the net. This year, it dropped to No. 4, with a weighted risk of 22.2 percent.

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Armenia's Army of Malicious Sites

Armenias .am domain was ranked No. 5, with a weighted risk of 12.1 percent. Last year it was ranked 23. McAfee reported it analyzed a total of 3,145 sites, of which 760 were found to be malicious.

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Which Ones Are the Safest?

The five safest TLDs were .travel (travel and tourism industry), .edu (educational), .jp (Japan), .cat (Catalan) and .gg (Guernsey).

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Big Improvements

"Singapore (.sg) deserves recognition for falling in risk from last years No. 10 slot to No. 81 this year; Venezuela (.ve) dropped from 21 to 88 this year; and the Philippines (.ph) moved from No. 6 in 2009 to No. 25 this year," McAfee said in the report.

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TLDs to Watch

McAfee only evaluated TLDs for which it had results for 2,000 or more live sites. However, two low-volume TLDs would have made the com-panys top five if they had been included: .sn (Senegal), which had a 33 per-cent risk, and British Indian Ocean Territorys .io (11.5 percent risk).

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