Microsoft Security Patch Slows XP Systems

Microsoft is said to be looking into a fix to its kernel buffer overrun remedy

Redmond is looking into a fix for security patch it issued late last week. The patch — which was designed to stave off a buffer overrun that could allow attackers to elevate privilege permissions on users machines — ended up slowing some users systems to a crawl.

Various Windows enthusiast sites on the Web have noted the adverse performance impact caused by patch 811493 on their Windows XP Home, Professional and 64-bit systems.

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And the Inquirers Report on the Slowdown Problems

Windows enthusiast Steven Bink included in his posting on the 811493 glitch a note from a Microsoft employee, in which she says the company is looking into the problem.

"Thank you for the info. Im not sure yet what is conflicting with 811493. We currently have a group of developers working on the problem. Well get this resolved as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience," says the note from "Lucy" at Microsoft.