Mu Security Launches Third Generation Security Analyzer

Mu Security has added a Dynamic Stateful Fuzzing engine and a new feature to facilitate the sharing of templates to strengthen security testing.

Mu Security released a new version of its flagship appliance to help enterprises strengthen testing and share analysis templates throughout their organization.

Version 3 of the Mu-4000 Security Analyzer includes Sharable Analysis Templates, a new feature that helps organizations propagate best practices for system testing throughout an enterprise.

Typically, only a small, specialized incident response group within a company has security expertise while the larger product certification and testing group often lacks sufficient security knowledge to test for product robustness, company officials said.

"There's been a lot more use of open source and outsource in developing products and also those products that are being deployed…that trend is only increasing, and all that capability is not necessarily being tested and analyzed to prevent downtime—which is both costly and disruptive to businesses and service providers," said Adam Stein, vice president of marketing at Mu Security, based in Sunnyvale, Calif.


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"There is a large shortfall in the number of people that are able to both test and analyze products that are being deployed at large financials, service providers and at the equipment providers that services all those…users, and they need the ability to share best practices within that company," Stein said.

The customizable analysis templates are designed to help companies get around that problem, and can be transferred between Mu-4000 appliances. The security vendor has also added a Dynamic Stateful Fuzzing engine to provide more thorough analysis of a target protocol implementation, and the response time charting feature interactively exposes quality and availability issues so customers can gauge a system's ability to maintain specific performance levels while receiving unexpected inputs, officials said.


"The reactive spending on perimeter security or managed services has not been effective as network downtime and vulnerabilities continue to grow," Mike Monticello, an analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, said in a statement. "That's why Mu Security's solution is becoming indispensable to users who want to methodically identify the root causes of robustness shortcomings or deep-seated vulnerabilities lurking within any IP-based product or service."

The updated Mu-4000 feature set is available immediately at no additional cost to existing support customers around the globe.

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