Netegrity Bolsters ID Management Tool

Netegrity announces new solution with the ability to manage identity data and access across both Web and enterprise apps.

Responding to the growing demand for integration, Netegrity Inc. on Monday announced a new solution with the ability to manage identity data and access across both Web and enterprise applications.

The new capabilities are packaged in the next release of IdentityMinder. In addition to its core identity management feature set, the software now includes provisioning, auditing and reporting capabilities as well as some customizable workflow features.

The decision to add all of the new functionality was based on feedback from customers who talked about the difficulties they were having in managing the accounts on all of the various applications and systems in large enterprises.

"The pain is managing user accounts for legacy applications, client/server stuff, ERP, all of that," said Deepak Taneja, vice president and chief technology officer of Netegrity, based in Waltham, Mass. "Fundamentally, its about making sure accounts have the right entitlements and being able to disable them. People no longer want to think in terms of two centers of gravity."

Among the new features is a password-management tool that allows for self-service password reset and synchronization across all of a users resources. The integration with SiteMinder provides some role-based access control capabilities, as well.

Aside from all of the new features, the second major change to IdentityMinder is the removal of a large amount of custom code. In order to make the solution more useful for customers with standards-based architectures, Netegrity replaced its own code with a J2EE architecture. The solution now supports BEA Systems Inc.s WebLogic and IBMs WebSphere application servers.

Netegritys Taneja said many of the changes were made as part of an overarching effort to streamline the use and administration of the product.

"We tried to keep it simple because thats what people want from a security perspective," he said.

IdentityMinder will be available in June and will be sold in two versions: Web Edition and Provisioning Edition.

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