NetIQ Develops Tools to Kill Camera/Shy

The Internet security company announced Monday new tools to detect and disable the anti-censorship app.

An Internet security company on Monday announced that it had developed a tool to detect and disable a new anti-censorship application released at a hacker convention over the weekend.

NetIQ Corp. officials said that they added protection against what they called a "hacker tool" in order to protect corporate customers from the hazards of having unauthorized software on their networks.

Hacktivismo, a small offshoot of the famed Cult of the Dead Cow hacker collective, introduced its Camera/Shy software last weekend.

The application is a browser-based steganography program that can hide data inside GIF images on any Web page. Camera/Shy is designed to allow Internet users in countries such as China or Cuba to access Web content that their governments have banned.

"There are a lot of risks with steganography," said Scott Hollis, director of security product management at NetIQ, based in San Jose, Calif. "We wanted to provide the ability for corporations to find it."

The company added a signature to its Security Analyzer vulnerability scanner product that will detect and disable Camera/Shy. And NetIQ also added a rule to its Security Manager software that will detect the launch of the Camera/Shy process and kill it.

Customers will automatically get the new signature and rule the next time they download an update for their products, Hollis said.

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