Network Analytics Provider Corvil Adds Security with iSIGHT

Corvil takes iSIGHT's threat intelligence into its real-time data analytics engine, then streams event hits into Splunk or ArcSight to paint a true picture of security risks.

Corvil deal with iSIGHT Partners

Network data analytics provider Corvil announced an international deal Aug. 18 with iSIGHT Partners, a provider of real-time cyber-threat intelligence for global enterprises, to create a partnership to offer a new security package for joint customers.

Dublin, Ireland-based Corvil makes an appliance that passively taps into network data and automatically discovers, decodes and reconstructs all details of application and business data flows. However, it did not have an internal security component until it combined with Dallas-based iSIGHT; previous deployments had relied on customers' existing security systems.

"This is Corvil's first entree into providing security analytics," CEO Donal Byrne told eWEEK. "We're adding tight integration into the security space. We're motivated by a gap we and our customers see in the marketplace. There were security teams within the big banks, in particular, who were keen to get access to our data and leverage it for more real-time analytics in the security domain.

"So to integrate threat intelligence in (to the Corvil platform) became a pretty big item. We were fortunate to share a common vision with iSIGHT Partners on both the opportunity and what was needed."

Corvil takes iSIGHT's threat intelligence into its real-time data analytics engine, and then "streams event hits into a SIM (security information management) platform like Splunk or ArcSight, so you end up with a fairly comprehensive solution for the SOC (security operations center)," Byrne said.

Using a combination of Corvil's real-time network visibility and iSIGHT Partners' expertise and insights around advanced adversaries, the platform integration provides customers with a security solution capable of identifying and reacting to intrusions in true real time, mere nanoseconds after they occur, Byrne said.

Corvil's ability to monitor, measure and analyze vast amounts of network data in true real-time have made it the big data analytics solution of choice within financial markets, where regulations around automated electronic trading have created a demand for the fastest and most accurate analytics platforms.

"Since the network is the channel through which all a company's data must flow, it is the only source that can deliver a comprehensive understanding of how all users and applications are interacting in a given moment," Corvil Vice-President Donal O'Sullivan said.

"The partnership with Corvil will enable enterprises to quickly find sophisticated threats across their network, use our adversary database to rapidly hunt for related threats and scale their incident response beyond what has ever been previously possible," said Karl Hutter, iSIGHT Partners Strategic Partnerships and Channel Vice President.

iSIGHT Partners employs more than 300 experts in 16 countries and has expertise in 24 languages, in order to deliver full context and intent of the most damaging threats.

The Corvil platform with the new security integration is now available for customers of Corvil and iSIGHT Partners. It also features as a key component of Corvil's new security solution, which is due to be market-ready alongside its launch of Corvil Tera, the next evolution of Corvil Network Data Analytics, this fall, Byrne said.

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