New Security Tools Debut at Gartner Show

A range of security software vendors, including Arbor Networks, CipherOptics, Crossbeam, NetForensics and Secure Computing, announce new products at Gartner's ongoing industry confab.

A range of security technology providers used Gartners ongoing IT Security Summit in Washington to introduce new products on June 5.

Among the firms launching products at the 12th annual security gathering hosted by the market analyst group were Arbor Networks, CipherOptics, Crossbeam, NetForensics, NitroSecurity, Postini, SPI Dynamics and Secure Computing.

Arbor Networks introduced its newest package of network anomaly detection tools, dubbed Peakflow X 3.6, which promises a host of improved behavioral analysis features. Along with enhanced router and interface support, increased customization for use with SANs (storage area networks), risk indexing, and management visualization, the new product offers identity tracking for Novells eDirectory system.

CipherOptics debuted enhancements to its SG1002 and SG100 security gateway software, including integrated remote access authentication for distributed client access, new password settings and tools for integration with the firms Enterprise Data Protection Architecture package.

Crossbeam Systems launched new versions of two of its UTM (unified threat management) applications, the C12 and C25, its first versions of the products designed specifically for use by medium-sized businesses and extended enterprises. The applications include tools for providing anti-virus protection, intrusion detection, XML security and URL filtering, pulled together from vendors Check Point, Forum Systems, Trend Micro and Websense.

While many security vendors are promoting integrated arrays of their own software in order to provide UTM capabilities, Crossbeam executives said customers are still looking for best-of-breed technology in a centralized package.

"Rather than telling our customers that they need to invest in one vendors software, we think that companies are looking for a range of technology from leading vendors in a more unified platform than they can buy it from them directly," said Throop Wilder, vice president of marketing for Crossbeam, based in Concord, Mass. "If you want to do UTM for enterprises theres a need to be flexible; its never going to be one-size-fits all with security with these types of customers."

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For its part, NetForensics announced its new SIM (security information management) platform, which tracks user activity to monitor for potential data breaches and applications vulnerabilities. The product, known as nFX OSP, aims to aid in IT security decision-making by integrating data from applications, databases and identity management systems to help look for signs of inappropriate use or outside intrusion.

One of the primary advantages of the security platform is that it helps companies provide protection across emerging Web services, or composite business applications, the company said.

"The issue of the insider threat is being compounded by composite applications and other inter-enterprise applications," said Tracy Hulver, vice president of product development at NetForensics, based in Edison, N.J. "As companies adopt even more services-oriented architecture strategies there will be new demands placed on security systems to allow appropriate data access and give companies the ability to deploy new tools at a rapid pace."

NitroSecurity introduced its NitroView Enterprise Security Manager software, which aims to help companies centralize controls for their various security applications. The company said the latest iteration of the product includes bolstered data flow monitoring capabilities, along with stronger anomaly analysis tools.

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Secure Computing announced its new Webwasher SCM (Secure Content Management) package which aims to provide security on so-called enterprise content management systems. Among the tools included in the package are applications for Web filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam and content protection. The package also offers an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) scanner for reading encrypted traffic, which promises to prevent malicious content hidden in SSL-encrypted traffic from accessing the network.

In related news, Secure Computing was hit with a patent infringement suit by rival Finjan Software for some of the technologies used in its Webwasher products on June 5.

SPI Dynamics announced a new partnership with IBM, through which the company is integrating its QAInspect Enterprise security testing products with IBMs Rational software development platform. The company said the integration will allow software quality assurance professionals to more accurately analyze Web applications for security defects from within Rational.

Security service provider Postini introduced a new Web Content Manager, which aims to help companies protect against Web-based malware and IT policy violations. In partnership with ScanSafe, the service offers to filter content across multiple channels, including e-mail, instant messaging and the Web, without requiring companies to assign IT administrators to oversee the process. Postini serves as an outsourced provider of the so-called security software as a service.

Postini executives maintain that enterprises are ready to begin selecting such managed services over traditional packaged software, as with in the business applications arena.

"Were trying to emphasize the need for integrated messaging security management, and feel that the outsourced model allows us to stay on top of emerging problems better than any software client," said Andrew Lochart, senior director of marketing for Postini, headquartered in San Carlos, Calif. "Even when turning to security software as a service, theres still an advantage to investing with a single provider with integrated capabilities for fighting multiple kinds of attacks."

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