New Services Screen for Web Threats

New services from MessageLabs will help businesses protect against Web-borne threats, including viruses and spyware.

Managed e-mail security services provider MessageLabs Inc. next week will launch new services to help businesses protect against Web-borne threats.

The new offerings include an anti-virus service aimed to stop malware or browser exploits, an anti-spyware service for blocking spyware or adware from being downloaded onto or sent from the company network, and a URL filtering service to help businesses control employee Web browsing.

The new services are based on technologies from MessageLabs London-based partner and Web security services provider ScanSafe Ltd. Rules and policies can be set at the organization, group or user level, said MessageLabs officials in New York.

Phil Goldwasser, IT manager for New York-based creative services agency Broad Street Inc., has been beta testing the new Web screening services for about a month. Goldwasser was looking for a hosted offering for the companys 100 users.


"Ive had experience with internal appliances and software that do the same thing, and Id say this is on an equal level at a minimum, if not better, than those solutions," said Goldwasser.

MessageLabs is looking to further integrate its e-mail security technologies with ScanSafes Web screening technologies to better tackle security threats such as phishing.

MessageLabs also plans early next year to offer security services for instant messaging and later for VOIP (voice over IP) and mobile, officials said.

Pricing starts at $3 per user, per service, per month.


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