Nexsan iSeries

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Nexsan iSeries

Nexsan Technologies Nexsan iSeries delivers iSCSI, Fibre Channel and NAS (network-attached storage) configurations from the same system, and provides up to 1PB of storage in a small footprint. It also includes a suite of enterprise storage services, including virtualization, for a single up-front price.

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AutoPilot M6

AutoPilot M6 from Nastel is a mechanism for managing the performance of complex transactions and composite applications, and assuring the health and reliability of the middleware and infrastructure systems that support them. In the newest version of AutoPilot M6, CEP (complex event processing) instances can be replicated or automatically failed over with M6-GRID within minutes or even seconds. They also can be consolidated or distributed on one or more hardware systems or virtual

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Surround SCM 2009

Seapine Softwares Surround SCM brings enterprise-level software configuration management to organizations of all sizes. Surround SCM is a highly scalable solution running on industry-standard relational databases, including PostgreSQL and SQL Server. Workflow automation, caching proxy servers and flexible virtual branching help busy teams maintain control over the software change

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AppGRC for PeopleSoft Financial Management

Lumigent Technologies AppGRC for PeopleSoft Financial Management uses automated data baselining and continuous monitoring of data and controls to enhance the accuracy of financial

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ThinkStation S20 and D20

Lenovos new ThinkStation S20 and D20 workstations provide Intels latest Xeon processors, nearly silent operation and cooler thermal design. The systems contain more than 50 percent recycled plastics, including 26 percent post-consumer

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v-Go Shared Accounts Manager

v-Go Shared Accounts Manager from Passlogix provides system and application access for administrators, temporary workers and others who must share account IDs. The product centralizes shared account storage and control, requiring that a user request the use of a shared ID that is approved or denied based on pre-established policies.

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Failsafe 3.0

Damballas Failsafe 3.0 appliance provides real-time identification and protection against bot-driven targeted attack activity inside enterprise networks. These out-of-line appliances employ a multiperspective analysis of targeted attack activity that concentrates on the communications between compromised systems and actual command-and-control nodes on the Internet. According to the company, security administrators use Failsafe to close the delay between when new bot malware is released into the wild and when an anti-virus or IDS/IPS engine can be updated to detect it.

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iPrism Web Filter with Anonymizer

St. Bernard has enhanced its iPrism Web Filter with Anonymizer defense. St. Bernards iPrism is a Web filtering appliance for organizations of all sizes that also offers anti-virus, Active Directory/LDAP authentication, delegated administration and mobile/remote filtering. The new Anonymizer defense for iPrism detects and guards against Web-based proxy servers, prevents security exploits, and ensures that users cant circumvent filtering technologies.

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ActiveVOS 6.2

The standards-based ActiveVOS mainstreams the process of designing, creating, deploying and managing modern services-based applications. ActiveVOS eliminates the need for developers to manually code complex programming BPEL constructs. ActiveVOS also includes integrated CEP, BAM, BI and a universal console.