Not an If, but a When

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Not an If, but a When

DDoS attacks are increasingly becoming larger, more damaging and easier to launch. Organizations should just assume they will be the next victim and prepare accordingly.

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DDoS Attacks on the Rise

Organizations must proactively implement a mitigation plan that accounts for large and sophisticated DDoS attacks.

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Put DDoS in the Budget

Organizations have to juggle competing priorities and requirements for various IT projects. To ensure network protection technology, such as for DDoS mitigation, doesn't get shortchanged, allocate a separate budget item.

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Evaluate the Choices

There are several choices of DDoS protection offerings, including having the physical infrastructure onsite, upstream solutions or adopting cloud-based services from a third-party provider.

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Consider the Pros, Cons

Even though mitigation planning can be complicated, considering each option's pros and cons carefully will help avoid most major pitfalls.

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In-House or Outsource?

Defending against DDoS attacks requires experts. Those experts may already be in the company or have a third-party expert available on speed-dial.

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Learn From Others

There's no shortage of information available about organizations that have recently been hit by DDoS attacks. Review what mistakes other organizations made and what made them vulnerable. Then apply the lessons learned.

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Know Your Limits

Organizations that know their limits can plan for the worst-case scenario. It's easier to verify that a security and protection plan is sufficient once the limits have been identified.

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Security Is Holistic

DDoS mitigation shouldn't be the end-all in security. There are many other threats, and IT teams have to think about other protection measures, such as intrusion and detection. Attackers won't bother with a DDoS attack if there are inviting flaws in the network.

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Update Regularly

Threats are continually evolving, even DDoS attacks, so organizations need to regularly review plans to ensure the measures in place are still effective.

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