NTP to Launch Data Encryption Software

NTP's Software Encryption Sentinel aims to provide businesses with enhanced data security to help prevent data loss.

NTP Software announced Nov. 30 the launching of its newest product designed for enterprises: the NTP Software Encryption Sentinel.

NTP Software Encryption Sentinel, the Nashua, N.H.-based data control software companys newest product, seeks to protect a business critical data by ensuring that it cannot be retrieved by an unencrypted client system.

A client application is one that runs on a PC or workstation and relies on the server to carry out operations, constantly risking the loss of data.

The new encryption software hopes to reduce this risk by letting enterprises select important information on their storage network and than deploy existing network security rules, allowing the information to be copied to or read by an encrypted client.

NTPs newest product also requires client-side encryption, which aims to protect enterprises machines from risking or losing a companys critical information.

Bruce Backa, CEO of NTP Software, told eWEEK that "If you look at todays headlines about people losing sensitive information, its not internal loss and its not Web hacking. Its users who appropriate copy data to their laptops and then the whole machine is lost or stolen."

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Backa said this software can be important for businesses, citing examples of companies that have lost critical information.

"The VA lost the entire active duty database, Fidelity lost Hewlett-Packards pension fund data, and not only are such losses prohibited by law, but in the case of companies like Fidelity, think of the loss of confidence in their market," Backa said.

Backa said he believes that this encryption software could be valuable for companies that contain a high volume of critical data.

"In our experience, large companies and government organizations are more sensitive to issues around loss of sensitive data," Backa said. "These businesses can profit from using NTP Software Encryption Sentinel because there is no risk of losing sensitive information."

NTP Software Encryption Sentinel is available now and is priced per storage host and per user, with quantity pricing starting at $10 per user.

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