Oracle Bolsters Database Security with Secerno Buy

Oracle is buying database security vendor Secerno in a bid to grab their database firewall technology. Secerno competes with rivals such as Imperva and Sentrigo.

Oracle has agreed to buy database security vendor Secerno for an undisclosed sum.

Oracle has its eye on Secerno's database firewall technology, which works for Oracle and non-Oracle databases. Secerno also provides database monitoring and auditing technology as well, and competes with vendors such as Guardium (purchased by IBM), Imperva and Sentrigo.

Secerno's DataWall products are powered by the SynoptiQ Enginem and leverage a model of how users and applications typically access the database in order to help organizations set granular policies. Once those policies are established, the DataWall appliance uses them to detect and block suspicious traffic.

According to Oracle, the buy will augment the company's existing security offerings.

"Secerno acquisition is in direct response to increasing customer challenges around mitigating database security risk," said Andrew Mendelsohn, senior vice president of Oracle Database Server Technologies, in a statement. "Secerno's database firewall product acts as a first line of defense against external threats and unauthorized internal access with a protective perimeter around Oracle and non-Oracle databases. Together, Oracle's complete set of database security solutions and Secerno's technology will provide customers with the ability to safeguard their critical business information."

Secerno CEO Steve Hurn said Secerno is a natural addition to Oracle's database security portfolio.

"We are excited to bring Secerno's domain expertise to Oracle, and ensure continuity and success for our current customers, partners and prospects," Hurn said in a statement.

The deal is expected to close before the end of June.