Oracle Combines Its Identity Management Offerings

Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite is composed of Oracle's acquired and homegrown ID management technology, including fresh integration with Thor Technologies and OctetString.

Oracle Corp. is merging its entire identity management product portfolio under one umbrella, featuring a single licensing model to spearhead the introduction of the software giants new Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite on Tuesday.

Currently available, Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite is composed of Oracles acquired and homegrown ID management technology, including fresh integration with Thor Technologies and OctetString in November.

Oracle is positioning its new suite as a comprehensive offering capable of addressing a wide range of user Web access control, user provisioning, ID administration, directory services, federated identity management, and virtual directory technology management, according to Wynn White, senior director of Security and ID management for Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Oracle.

White says that in 2006, organizations that have already tackled ID management will be forced to take the next step: separating access roles and taking a much closer look at how the areas of compliance and federation affect their business processes, partners, and internal employees contact with highly sensitive data.

"A lot of large organizations have addressed access control needs; now theyre saying, How do we get more out of this? How do we get greater increased efficiency? and obviously a way to do that is by tying applications to partners," White said.

"You go forward looking at trends to come; surely compliance will continue to be top of mind as well as privacy issues."

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The new Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite software package features Oracle COREid Access and Identity.

Acquired by Oracle as part of its Oblix purchase back in March, the technology enables policy-based authentication, password administration, Web SSO (single-sign-on), delegated user and group administration, and user self-service and reporting.

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Oracle COREid Federation enables customers to use cross-domain SSO to securely offer access to partners entering corporate portals or extranets.

Coming over from Thor, the newly renamed Oracle Xcellerate Identity Provisioning software tool employs automation to manage users access privileges throughout enterprise heterogeneous IT resources.

An option to the product focuses on third-party connectivity by offering a portfolio of Identity Provisioning, Reconciliation and Synchronization connectors for databases, OS, applications and directors from vendors such as Oracle, Sun Microsystems Inc., SAP, Microsoft Corp., and IBM.

Oracle Virtual Directory is a new ID management offering from Oracle via its purchase of OctetString.

The tool provides LDAP transformation, proxy and routing functionality for identities scattered across directories and databases without the need to synchronize or shift data form native locations.

White said this technique should speed up application deployment.

Also finding a place within Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite, Oracle Internet Directory is a simplified standards-based LDAP repository designed to ease administration of identities within traditionally complex Oracle environments.

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