Oracle Launches Trust Fabric Initiative to Better Secure Identity

Today’s topics include Oracle bringing autonomous security to identity with Trust Fabric, and Google coming out with its Cloud Services Platform.

Oracle announced its new Trust Fabric initiative on July 26, in an effort to bring autonomous security, enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to more of its portfolio. The Trust Fabric model includes cloud infrastructure security and monitoring elements as well as Identity and Access Management.

Eric Olden, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle's Cloud Security and Identity group, said the goal of the Trust Fabric model is to integrate threat intelligence and machine learning into Oracle's identity and access technologies and capabilities to enable organizations to use identity more securely.

Visibility into how an identity is being used helps to identify anomalous behaviors. These can then be used to generate a risk score for an identity or access request, which is integrated with the Oracle Identity Cloud.

At its third annual Next conference held in San Francisco last week, Google announced the new Cloud Services Platform, which is a collection of Google’s cloud software led by the Kubernetes container orchestration platform.

Included in the Cloud Services Platform is GKE On-Prem, a distribution of the Google Kubernetes Engine that offers portability between public or private clouds. Also included is Istio, a service mesh that supplies critical functions to container-based applications such as security, telemetry and networking. Google is making a Managed Istio service available that will automatically set up Istio to work with Kubernetes applications in any environment.

Urs Hölzle, Google Cloud’s senior vice president of engineering, explained that by working with Kubernetes and containers on premises, developers can get familiar with the microservices paradigm with less risk, while businesses get time to decide when, where and how public cloud services should be employed.