Panda Updates Security Package

Panda software will introduce the latest version of its enterprise security suite on June 1.

Called EnterpriSecure 2006, the primary addition to the package of security programs in Pandas TruPrevent detection technology promises to help companies watch out for viruses and other attacks, as well as attempts by workers to circumvent network security policies. TruPrevent is built around the companys Genetic Heuristic Engine, which determines whether a file is malicious by looking at a sampling of its characteristics.

By incorporating so-called DPI (deep-packet inspection), another technology used to scour computer files, Panda maintains that its firewall upgrade can detect several emerging buffer overflow exploits.

Using HIPS (host intrusion protection system)-based technology, malware is handled locally on a users computer before being allowed to enter a companys network.

Among the other upgrades offered in EnterpriSecure 2006 is a new anti-phishing application that uses blacklists of fraudulent Web sites and HTML format analyses of URLs sent in e-mail messages to help predict whether they are legitimate.

Other additions to the product include support for 64-bit computing platforms and integration with Cisco Systems NAC (Network Access Control) security technology.

Panda is simultaneously releasing another version of its security suite called BusinesSecure 2006. With a faster installation, its aimed at small businesses.