Passlogix Pushes Single Sign-On in the Cloud

Passlogix has created an on-demand version of its v-GO enterprise single sign-on platform.

Passlogix is pushing single sign-on into the cloud with an on-demand version of its v-GOSign-On Platform.

v-GO On Demand is aimed at easing the deployment of single-sign technology for remote workers by allowing it to be distributed online or pre-loaded on USB memory sticks for employees using multiple PCs or those who need temporary access, such as contractors.

The company, one of the leading vendor's in the SSO space, is hoping a SAAS (software as a service) model will help further differentiate them from other vendors as the SSO market continues its growth. Stephane Fymat, Passlogix vice president of strategy and product management, said the approach can help extend SSO technology down from the enterprise to the midmarket, touching small and midsized business owners who do not want to install extra software.

"It's kind of like your Java Applets that come down and just run, it's like that, only it doesn't run inside the browser, it runs outside the browser," Fymat said. "The reason that that's important is because when you are doing single sign-on you are signing on to any number of applications that might be mainframe or client server apps or whatever that are not inside the browser."

Beyond the online distribution, the product also enables users who move from machine to machine to install the v-GO client on a USB stick, providing a self-contained plug-and-play SSO tool for the user. Passwords can be stored on the USB stick and/or in an enterprise directory, company officials said.

From a functionality standpoint, the On Demand Editions of v-GO SSO and other v-GO modules are identical to that of their installed products, company officials said. Both versions of v-GO SSO automate the authentication process, allowing the user to log into Windows, mainframe or Web applications after a single network logon, eliminating the potential complications of managing multiple passwords.

v-GO add-on modules add the ability to control shared password access to privileged accounts through the ESSO infrastructure and enable user credentials to be automatically added to v-GO SSO from identity management systems.

The on-demand edition is available immediately for $89.95 per user.