Pure Networks and Symantec Hook Up for Consumer Security

For consumers who are having trouble protecting their home networks, a new partnership between Pure Networks and Symantec could help ease their pain.

Pure Networks, a Seattle-based supplier of home networking software, announced Nov. 1 that it has penned a partnership with Symantec to provide consumers with a way to set up, control and protect their home networks.

As part of the agreement, Symantec will sell Pure Networks Network Magic monitoring product to users of its consumer security products.

Network Magic will help sustain security of the network by being able to close its doors on harmful viruses and by allowing users to use Network Magics network map, which keeps track of the status of each computer that is on a home network and alerts the PC if it needs virus protection software.

In an interview with eWEEK, Jeff Erwin, president and CEO of Pure Networks, says that the partnership makes sense and will work out for both companies.

"Our product is very synergistic with Symantec," said Erwin. "Symantec is one of the leaders in the home utilities market so we believe that we can benefit greatly from each other by being partners."

Erwin went on to say that "distribution is one of the main goals of this partnership. We want to make sure that we get our products in front of the right people so the people who need it will get the most use out of it."

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Erwin also mentioned that home networks may not be the only focus of the partnership.

"We are looking to try and please as many consumers as possible," he said. "While we may only be focusing on home networks right now, we are not ruling out other kinds of markets and businesses."

Furthermore, Erwin said that the partnership will incorporate more of each others products.

"There will be tighter and tighter integration over time," he said.

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