QualysGuard Web Service for PCI Compliance Scans

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QualysGuard Web Service for PCI Compliance Scans

by David Strom

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At-a-Glance View

With the compliance status dashboard, you can see how many of your servers are in or out of spec quickly, along with how many vulnerabilities exist.

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Know Your Requirements

Included with the product is a handy reference to PCI specs, the user guide and payment processor Websites.

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Check Your Status

This is the main dashboard of the service, showing you quickly how many of your servers are in compliance and how far you have completed your questionnaire.

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Its All in the Details

Reports are PDF files that contain pages of detailed information about the various vulnerabilities of each server.

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Examine Your Practices

The self-assessment questionnaire is an annual task that requires you to answer dozens of questions on particular security practices.

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Reports Generated Automatically

Included in the service is this wizard that can automatically generate the required reports to submit to your merchant banks.

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How Vulnerable Are You?

Part of the reports are these summary graphs showing the distribution of vulnerabilities by their severity level.

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Vulnerabilities and Solutions

The service shows which vulnerabilities have been discovered for particular servers, along with links to resolve them.

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Secure with a VeriSign Token

You can secure your user account information with a VeriSign two-factor token.

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