Radware Ratchets Up Its Network-Defense Products

The company expands its security offerings with new additions to its DefensePro line.

Radware, a company that specializes in the delivery of networked and Web-based applications over IP, announced in a statement Nov. 6 that it has made additions to its DefensePro product lineup, intrusion prevention system and denial-of service protection solutions.

"Our newest DefensePro release provides unmatched deployment flexibility for our customers to ensure that application security and performance is never compromised," Amir Peles, chief technology officer for Radware, based in Mahway, N.J., said in a company statement.

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The DefensePro software line is designed to help enterprises secure their networks, perimeters, departments and remote sites against worms, malware, and DoS (denial-of-service), DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) and SYN flood attacks with a protection system that measures and performs in-depth analysis of unclear information that passes through the Web.

Radware has now expanded the DefensePro x20 series and added the DefensePro x02 series, both of which are designed to provide security protection to enterprise networks, the company said.

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The x02 series, which includes models DP-102, DP-202, DP-502 and DP-1002, and the expanded x20 series, which includes models DP-620, DP-1020 and DP-3020, will provide large enterprises with a DoS protection system that integrates Radwares Application Security Solutions and SecureFlow, a unified security switch for optimized, scalable management of firewalls, VPN gateways), IDS (intrusion detection systems), and anti-virus and content-filtering security tools.

"No forklift upgrade is required to increase bandwidth capacity, resulting in full hardware investment protection and the lowest possible total cost of ownership … available today for IT departments," Peles said in the statement.

Radwares Defense Pro x02 and x20 series are both available now, with the DefensePro x02 series starting at $12,500 and the DefensePro x20 starting at a price of $45,000.

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