Readers Respond: OpenDNS Fills the PhishTank, Oracle Linux

Readers respond to the eWEEK article, "OpenDNS Fills the PhishTank," and comment on Oracle's Linux moves.

Regarding Ryan Naraines article "OpenDNS Fills the PhishTank," why do we continue to make this so complicated [Oct. 9]? If you start by ensuring that [e-mail] recipients get nothing that isnt authorized, and augment that with some special-purpose aliases, the problem is solved. I know that I dont want to depend on other people voting whether something is a phish or not.

Roger Walker

Here is what Oracles new commercial for Linux ought to be: "Weve already had years of experience providing support for Oracle. Try us for Linux." There are a lot of former (and current) Oracle customers who have already experienced Oracles support. Red Hat doesnt need to worry.

Mike Moxcey
Wildlife Services IT Center

A respondent to an Oct. 26 eWEEK Labs blog in which Advanced Technologies Analyst Jason Brooks called Oracles announced support for Red Hat Linux "open source in action" had a similar take:

I appreciate the views in this blog posting, but I have to disagree with the idea that this will help Red Hat. Red Hat is now the victim of a seriously flawed ecosystem.

Kevin Closson