Reconnex DLP Appliance Learns to ID Sensitive Data

Reconnex says its latest data leak prevention appliance can learn what intellectual property needs protecting and mine captured data to create policies on its own.

Reconnexs latest iGuard DLP appliance, Version 7.0, aims to help enterprises build the virtual walls of data protection by determining where those walls go and which employees should be allowed to scale them.

The device correlates and analyzes data with its Content Analytics Engine to help businesses determine which employees should have access to sensitive data. By synthesizing the aggregated data, the Content Analytics Engine can identify where key business information is going and who is sending it, and summarize the commonalities among data transactions.

The appliances ability to learn what information should be considered sensitive and who should have access to it distinguishes iGuard from many other data leak prevention tools on the market, said Faizel Lakhani, vice president of marketing at Reconnex, in Mountain View, Calif.

Using data mining, text mining, analytics and analysis techniques, Version 7.0 determines the concepts that make up important corporate information and then provides a map of where this information is going for use in creating data protection policies, Lakhani said.


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Users can query the captured index and graphically display data using heat maps and other charts to help determine aggregate trends and communications. A search feature lets organizations go back in time and to learn what happened prior to an incident.

Reconnex also uses its captured index to tune rules in minutes, company officials said.

Given that more and more employee time is being spent identifying and classifying intellectual property, the new capabilities can help businesses take a proactive approach, Jon Oltsik, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, said in a statement. Recent research by ESG found that 56 percent of organizations with more than 20,000 employees spend more than 80 hours per quarter on manual processes for identifying and classifying IP, he said.

"At the same time, these companies are continually creating new IP, sharing valuable information with trusted third parties such as manufacturers, and collaborating more with partners, suppliers, and customers. The combination of these factors causes enterprise risk profiles to grow significantly," he said. "Reconnex 7.0 changes the DLP landscape by moving beyond threat management to protecting the business, finally enabling organizations to take a proactive stance [with regard] to data management."

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