Romanian Police, FBI Bust 70 in eBay Fraud Case

Law enforcement officials arrest 70 people in a series of raids all over the world tied to an online scam targeting eBay users.

Law enforcement officials from Romania and the United States arrested 70 members of three different organized crime groups for their roles in an online scam targeting eBay.

The arrests came in a series of raids by the Romanian Directorate for Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism that took place Sunday at more than 100 locations. The raids were conducted in conjunction with the FBI and U.S. Secret Service.

According to Romanian authorities, the crimes committed by the suspects stretch back to 2006 and cross international borders into nearly a dozen countries, including Spain, Italy and the United States. Police have identified more than 800 victims, and estimated the amount stolen at 800,000 euros (more than $1 million U.S.).

According to reports, the suspects used phishing schemes to obtain log-in credentials for legitimate users, and then used them to promote auctions for nonexistent goods. Buyers reportedly paid for items such as Rolex watches and sports cars, only to receive nothing in return.

Thirty-one suspects were arrested in Bucharest. A video of one of the police raids can be seen here.