RSA Extends Authentication for Mobile Devices

RSA's new strategy is authentication with the tools users are already using.

RSA, the security division of EMC, is extending its support for mobile platforms in its upcoming release of RSA SecurID Software Token 2.2 for Symbian OS and UIQ, trying to take advantage of what users already use.

"For businesspeople the best authenticator is often a device they already carry," said Christopher Young, vice president of the Identity and Access Assurance Group in the RSA division, in a statement. "For enterprises that have invested in smartphones, the RSA SecurID software token helps enable them to deploy cost-effective and convenient strong authentication to their users, increasing productivity while bolstering security."

RSA SecurID Software Token 2.2 is engineered for use with RSA Authentication Manager, the management component of RSAs SecurID technology. RSA officials said the release broadens the reach of RSA SecurID two-factor authentication, as the security division already offers mobile software authenticators for RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile 5 and 6, Java Micro Edition and Palm.


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To date, more than 145 million Symbian smart phones reportedly have shipped worldwide to more than 250 major network operators. Businesspeople using smart phones based on UIQ and Symbian OS can now leverage their devices to access protected corporate information securely, eliminating the need to carry a separate, stand-alone authenticator, RSA officials said.

"As the adoption of smart phones soars, users are increasingly seeking a single device that can meet their varied and evolving business requirements," said Andrew Moran, head of enterprise market development, at Symbian, in a statement. "Increasingly, companies are requiring business users to authenticate with more than a password in order to access critical business data. By leveraging the Symbian smart phones people carry everyday, RSA is providing enterprises with flexible authentication options."

The new version of the RSA SecurID Software Token 2.2 is slated to be available at the end of October.

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