SafeNet Releases DRM Platform for Mobile TV

The company's mobile TV licensing and protection platform supports multiple digital rights management standards.

SafeNet announced Dec. 13 that it has launched the DRM Fusion Toolkit4TV, a mobile TV licensing and protection platform that supports open broadcast digital rights management standards.

The new mobile TV licensing and protection offering from the Belecamp, Md.-based information security developer is designed to protect broadcast mobile content and services from unauthorized use and distribution.

"With the launch of DRM Fusion Toolkit4TV, SafeNets technology can secure any content type, over any network type to give operators the flexibility to experiment and adapt," Simon Blake-Wilson, managing director of DRM at SafeNet, said in a statement.

With Fusion Toolkit4TV, mobile operators will be able to offer video services to users with off-the-shelf handsets since the platform does not require client software, according to the company.

The new licensing and protection platform is an add-on to SafeNets current Fusion Toolkit product, which supports several mobile music services, enabling operators to adopt a cohesive approach to mobile music, video and TV, company officials said.

Fusion Toolkit4TV will also be able to secure multiple services by using various mobile TV standards, allowing the services to be delivered to a wide range of handsets. The supported standards include the DVB 18Crypt standard based on the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) 2 DRM; the MBMS (multimedia broadcast multicast service) security standard, which will be available in early 2007; the OMA BCAST DRM profile standard; the OMA BCAST smart card profile standard, which will be available in early 2007; and Windows Media DRM.

The new secure platform for SafeNet will enable operators to also experiment with different business models such as subscriptions, free-to-air channels, pay-per-view and usage-based charging, while also having the ability to distribute its components across a variety of entities, company officials said.

"This flexibility, together with SafeNets unsurpassed security expertise, represents a winning combination for mobile content protection," Blake-Wilson said.

DRM Fusion Toolkit4TV is available immediately. Pricing will depend on what services users choose.

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