SAP Takes on Homeland Security

New Security Resource Management platform integrates people, processes and technology at public agencies.

SAP AG is tackling some national security issues with new software. Earlier this week the German software giant launched a technology platform for homeland security process integration.

The SAP Security Resource Management platform is geared towards processes in border security, emergency preparedness and response, countermeasures, information analysis and external coordination. The idea behind the software is that government agencies using Security Resource Management will have access to a technology platform that promotes interoperability and process management by integrating "people, processes and technology," officials said.

The Security Resource framework is based on SAPs existing e-government technology that is currently deployed within U.S. agencies the likes of NASA, the Army, the Navy, San Diego Port Authority, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Los Angeles World Airports. The framework is based on NetWeaver, a technology stack announced earlier this month that includes SAPs Exchange integration platform, portal framework, and Web application server, along with a variety of additional SAP technologies, including its business information warehouse, mobile infrastructure and composite application framework. For homeland security purposes, NetWeaver is combined with customized tools to enable simulation and capacity modeling.

A border security and global trade services system in Security Resource Management allows agencies to track and manage people, vessels, aircraft, cars and cargo with business intelligence and alert generation that analyzes transactions for information contained on government-watch or denied-persons lists. Emergency response functionality enables wireless access and incident tracking for first responders managing large-scale disaster recovery projects.

A collaborative master data management functionality — also part of the NetWeaver stack — provides a central location for agencies to store, change and consolidate data.

SAPs Security Resource Management platform is part of the companys Homeland Security Initiative under which SAP plans to work with its subsidiary, SAP Public Services Inc., as well as with partners and customers to deliver composite applications, or in SAP parlance, xApps.

XApps are essentially componentized software that aggregates information and automates processes across applications to fit a specific need or business process.