SecureWave Launches Free Device Scanner Tool

Company employees use a number of portable storage devices that can lead to data leakages and malware problems. With SecureWave's Device Scanner, administrators can see which portable storage devices were used and where the problems occurred.

SecureWave, an endpoint security software developer, announced Nov. 13 the launch of Device Scanner, a free discovery tool that was created to show IT administrators a history of all portable storage devices that have been connected to a companys network.

"The proliferation of portable storage media creates a constant challenge for IT administrators," Dennis Szerszen, vice president of corporate strategy at SecureWave, based in Herndon, Va., said in a company statement. "These devices can easily be used to pilfer proprietary information, as well as introduce malicious code into the network, and whether through malicious intent or accidental loss, the results can be devastating."

Device Scanner allows business customers and home users to gauge device usage, and potential data leakage and malware entry points.

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"Device Scanner provides administrators with a complete view of what devices have ever assessed its network as well as recent connections," Szerszen said in the statement.

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Device Scanner includes auditing capabilities that allow application to create four reports, including a historical log of all devices that have ever been connected to corporate endpoints or workstations in a Windows network.

"The results can be shocking," Szerszen said. "In some instances, weve found organizations with massive numbers of devices plugged in at once despite having a device-use policy in place. Using Device Scanner, administrators are taking an important first step in defining and enforcing usage policies."

Szerszen told eWEEK that the Device Scanner will benefit businesses by helping them track down the problems that have affected their portable storage devices.

"Nowadays, there are more and more frequent data leakages, and with the Device Scanner, we are trying to prevent that, as the Device Scanner gives businesses a great way to put their arms around the scope of the problem with their portable storage [devices]," he said. "It allows businesses to be constructive in their enterprise and prevent data leakage by following a safe set of policies and understanding the challenges of removable media that portable storage devices present to businesses."

Device Scanner is a free tool available immediately to all SecureWave-certified resellers and sales engineers. Non-SecureWave users can register for free to get the Device Scanner.

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