SecureWorks Will Help Dell Succeed as IT Services Company: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Dell has acquired SecureWorks for an undisclosed sum. With this latest acquisition, the company could be closer to reinventing itself as a go-to enterprise IT systems provider.

Dell is well on its way to rounding out its IT management services. The company announced on Jan. 4 that it agreed to acquire SecureWorks, which provides managed security services. The terms were not disclosed, but the PC maker was quick to point out that the deal will vastly improve its ability to deliver more data security to companies around the world. As one might expect, SecureWorks believes it can deliver the same level of appeal to companies as it did prior to the acquisition.

Dell hopes to close the deal with SecureWorks later this year. When it does, the company will have yet another IT service at its disposal to improve its standing in the enterprise, showing once and for all that it can do more than just compete with HP in the PC market. With SecureWorks in tow, Dell is now a worrisome enterprise competitor, and it's time for others in that market to realize that.

Read on to find out why SecureWorks will help Dell and its entire operation.

1. It's a security game

In today's corporate world, the most important aspect of any IT decision-maker's job is maintaining security. SecureWorks is well-positioned in that market. The company currently "processes more than 13 billion security events" every day, and its intrusion-prevention tools and vulnerability scanning have proven useful to thousands of clients around the world. The company simply "gets" security; Dell will benefit heavily from that.

2. Dell needs a better enterprise option

Prior to acquiring SecureWorks, Dell's enterprise offering was still a work in progress. The company's recent acquisition of Compellent helped, but it was the security option that Dell needed to improve upon. With the help of SecureWorks, Dell can now deliver a more well-rounded service to corporate customers. This should be enough to put its competition on notice.

3. Looking to the world

SecureWorks made an important acquisition in 2009: It bought DNS Limited, which delivered security services to many companies in Europe. It proved to be integral to SecureWorks' ability to expand beyond the U.S. and into the highly profitable European market. By acquiring SecureWorks, Dell now gains that additional foothold in Europe, which should allow it to expand greatly in that market.

4. Managed security is growing

Market-research firm Gartner recently released a study that looked at the expected growth of managed security services in the coming years. The company found that, in 2009, total managed security revenue in North America hit $1.8 billion. It expects that figure to rise to $2.3 billion in 2010. Gartner noted that such growth would continue, making it clear that managed security is on the rise. With the help of SecureWorks, Dell can build on that growth.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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