Security Scout Keeps You One Step Ahead of Viruses

Protect your computer with the most powerful weapon available-knowledge.

The Internet is a battlefield and your computer is under constant bombardment. In such a dangerous digital world, knowledge is your shield, but who has the expertise—let alone the exhaustive resources—necessary to scour the Web for pertinent, accurate alerts, patches, and the like?

You do, now.

Security Scout, our latest premium utility from PC Magazine, hooks you directly into an information pipeline rich with cutting-edge security intelligence. And best of all, this vital information arrives directly at your desktop—no browsing or searching required! Security Scout channels expert security knowledge to you from groups like CERT (, which constantly research vulnerabilities in applications like Microsoft Outlook and Word, the Microsoft Windows operating systems, and, of course, programs from the world beyond Microsoft. With access to this information the instant its available, you can keep your systems and data as they should be: safe and sound.