Security Watch Letter: The Bad Bagles Keep on Coming

W32/Bagle.AD-mm arrives via e-mail and wants to litter your system with infected files. Learn how to toast it. Plus: Backing up the Registry is Easy and Necessary

When Uncle Sam says you might want to change browsers, it gets peoples attention. In recently updated United States Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) vulnerability note #713878, one of the recommended workarounds for the rash of Internet Explorer flaws is to use a different browser. This recommendation may be preaching to the choir after months of IE flaw-preying Trojans and viruses. Shortly after Microsoft issued a configuration change last week to patch a database module flaw, eWeek reported that a Dutch security hacker announced yet another flaw in IE, this time in the Shell.Application component. No attacks have been documented, but as weve seen before, it is only a matter of time. One way to thwart such attacks is to turn off scripting and ActiveX. However, as Larry Seltzer in his eWeek column says, "Scriptless IE is not worth it".

A new Bagle variant is making the rounds. Discovered July 5th, this weeks top threat, W32/Bagle.AD-mm has earned a medium threat severity level from several antivirus vendors for its high distribution and damage potential. Bagle.AD, similar to Symantecs Beagle.Z, spreads through e-mail as either an executable or a password protected zip file. Like previous variants, this Bagle attempts to remove Netsky infections, as well as stopping security and antivirus applications. See our top threat for more on this potentially prolific worm.

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