Serious Vulnerability In Sendmail (updated)

Alert: A hole in the popular mail server may allow root access. Learn about the vulnerability and some solutions.

A significant vulnerability has been found in the popular Sendmail SMTP server that could allow an attacker to gain root access to the server. At the same time the vulnerability was announced patches and a new Sendmail version 8.12.8 were provided by many vendors. Vendors are urging administrators to apply them with all due speed.

More details may be found in eWeek coverage. We include below some links to specific alerts, new versions and patches for this problem.

Sendmail Inc.s Sendmail 8.12.8 page

Redhats explanation and links to fixes

Apple Mac OS X 10.2.4

Gentoo Linux

Debian Linux

NetBSD (.asc file)

Mandrake Linux

Suse Linux

FreeBSD (.asc file)

Temporary Fix for AIX 4.3.3, 5.1.0, and 5.2.0 systems