GroupWise shows Novell's strengths; 'Good' viruses or system scourges?

GroupWise shows Novells strengths

Has Novell turned another corner? In his review below, Technical Analyst Shammi Gill says the embattled company could be showing some muscle with the release of GroupWise 6, a compelling upgrade to Novells already-solid (if unspectacular) collaboration package.

New in this release are support for access from a wide variety of wireless devices and stronger security. The innovative price scheme should turn some system administrators heads, too. At NetWare shops and some sites with heterogeneous systems, GroupWise 6 will make it much easier to work together, but Novell must extend support to Solaris and Linux if it wants this product to succeed.

Good viruses or system scourges?

Last month, a new worm crawled onto systems through a security hole. But this one, called the Cheese Worm, came in peace, patching the security hole that it had used to get in, then looking around for other systems to fix.

Why not use worms like this one to fight fire with fire? East Coast Technical Director Jim Rapoza believes this is a good way to boost viral immunity across the entire Internet. Not so, counters West Coast Technical Director Timothy Dyck: "Visions of bots floating around in the ether waging mighty, but invisible, battles belong in books ... not on production Internet servers."