Skype Bolsters Security

Being easy on the wallet has come with the cost of being scary to network security, a scenario Skype seeks to change by partnering with FaceTime to allow security policy enforcement on Skype IM.

There are plenty of reasons for penny-pinchers to love Skype, but with a history of security issues and an inability to lock them down, there are just as many reasons for IT managers to be wary of it.

To combat those concerns and raise its profile even further in the small and midsize business market, Skype on March 20 announced a partnership with FaceTime Communications of Belmont, Calif., that will better protect Skype users against encountering malware through the network via Skype IM conversations.

The agreement will incorporate FaceTime's GEM (Greynet Enterprise Manager), allowing organizations to manage security policies and aggregate reporting for IM, P2P (peer-to-peer) and malware traffic across organizations.

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