Soti Unveils MDM Platform MobiControl V10

Users can configure custom user groups and permissions for administrators to access the Web-based management console securely.

Mobile-device-management solutions provider Soti announced the launch of its next-generation solution, MobiControl V10, which offers features such as Web filtering, real-time antivirus and malware protection, telecom expense management and a secure content library, and is designed for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Other features include the ability to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot device issues any time, anywhere with the company's BlitFire 10X technology, which is used to provide improved remote-control performance and management capabilities on high-resolution tablet devices with high-color screens, such as Samsung 10.1 tablets and the new iPad, even over slower networks. In addition, integration with a back-end content management system helps keep important content at hand, while complete over-the-air management of content, such as documents, videos, presentations and spreadsheets, allows users to take important assets with them.

Soti has focused on addressing its customers' mobility challenges, Ron Hassanwalia, Soti vice president of sales and marketing, stated.

"For example, our Web Filtering addresses the needs of our education customers to ensure CIPA compliance in the classroom," he said in a statement. "Our Secure Content Library provides our customers in health care and finance the ability to securely view their content on any managed device. Real Time Antivirus and Malware protection extend desktop-grade threat management to mobile devices, with protection for both the file system and installed applications."

Users can also configure custom user groups and permissions for administrators to securely access the management Web console, manage access to the corporate sandbox on personal devices, block access to unwanted features applications and games on corporate devices, and track and report on a variety of live device information to monitor status, security and condition of all mobile assets.

Rounding out the package is the ability to locate, track and gather information on the movement of mobile devices wherever they are. Businesses can establish a virtual fence to keep devices in a specific area or to trigger a warning or action if they enter or exit the fence. Organizations can also set thresholds, manage wireless expenses and prevent roaming surprises by alerting on overages.

"With MobiControl V10, we are excited to offer customers the latest evolution of our MobiControl platform to manage the ever-changing mobile landscape," Soti President and CEO Carl Rodrigues, said in a statement. "We're moving beyond device management into empowering enterprise mobility with best-in-class remote management and security features, strong integration with back-end services, including Microsoft Active Directory, SharePoint Server and certificates, and a superior end-user experience."