Startup Helps Customers Test Security

BreakingPoint Systems has a new network and application security testing tool.

A Texas-based startup is shipping a new all-in-one network security testing product.

BreakingPoint Systems has released the BPS-1000, a network test system that permits multilayer emulation testing at multigigabit speeds. With the new release, BreakingPoint promises performance, stress, security and conformance testing in a single device.

"We support Layer 2 bit blasting, routing, sessions, 20-plus applications, 3,000-plus security attacks, 80-plus evasion techniques, dozens of protocol fuzzing techniques, and the ability to capture and re-create traffic all in a single device for a single price," said BreakingPoint Chief Technology Officer Dennis Cox.

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Founded in September 2005, BreakingPoint is a privately held company located in Austin, Texas.

In addition to the BPS-1000, the company is offering what officials call the Strike Pack service, in which customers will receive an attack exploit module for the tool every time the company discovers one in an application and contacts the vendor. Cox said that as new applications are created by companies, network topology changes, as does the security threat landscape.

"[The] Strike Pack service—unique to us—is an important part of keeping your test equipment evergreen," Cox said. "We provide the latest vulnerabilities and evasion techniques, along with new applications as they emerge. Customers are notified of the latest Strike Packs, which happen multiple time per week, via the appliance, e-mail from us or the Strike Center."

The service is an annual subscription and includes full maintenance and support.

"We keep up with the threats by actually discovering [them] ourselves," Cox said. "Another unique value of our Strike Pack service is that we provide our attacks the same day we discover the vulnerability. We dont wait for the vendor to patch, so our customers have access to attacks that the public is completely unaware of."

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