Stopping Security Breaches—Inside the Network

InfoExpress' CyberGatekeeper LAN software designed to help enterprises prevent security breaches from inside the network as well as stop unauthorized use of company machines.

Enterprises looking for a way to prevent security breaches from inside the network and to stop unauthorized use of company machines will have a new alternative soon when InfoExpress Inc. releases its CyberGatekeeper LAN software.

The system is based on the premise that any action not expressly permitted under a companys security policy is malicious. This is hardly a new concept, but instead of passively monitoring user activity and producing alerts and reports for administrators, CyberGatekeeper LAN enforces policy and prevents users from acting in ways that are prohibited.

The solution comprises an agent on the end-users device—be it a desktop, laptop or handheld—and a server-side component. When a user logs onto the network, the server recognizes the agent and performs an audit of the client machine, checking for compliance with the corporate security policies. For example, if the policy dictates that all machines must have a specific anti-virus client running and be updated with the latest definitions, any PC that does not conform to the policy will be denied access.

If users cant access the network, they are placed in a sort of quarantine area where they can download and install whatever software is required before being allowed full network access.

The system also includes a feature that prevents any machine without the CyberGatekeeper LAN client agent from accessing the network. This solves the problem of employees simply using a different PC to log on. Users in this situation are given the option of launching a Web-based agent that performs an audit and then grants the PC limited network access, depending on the results of the audit.

The software can also determine whether to allow individual users to access the network if they have restricted applications such as consumer instant messaging clients, file-sharing software or other applications installed.

InfoExpress plans to announce CyberGatekeeper LAN in December, with general availability slated for January.