StrikeForce Combines GuardedID, ProtectID in SMB Offering

The company aims at small businesses with a security package combining its GuardedID and ProtectID platforms.

Security specialist StrikeForce Technologies launched a protection package aimed at small and midsize businesses, which combines both GuardedID and ProtectID into a bundle to shield businesses from identity theft and data breaches. StrikeForce's GuardedID anti-keylogging software protects the SMB by encrypting each keystroke in real-time, preventing keyloggers, malware that records every keystroke you type into the computer, from stealing their data.

The service, which doesn€™t require any set-up fees and comes with a three-month commitment, is offered in three pricing tiers, with one to 100 users costing $5 per month, 101 to 500 users priced at $4 per month, and 501 to 1,000 users costing businesses $3 per month. ProtectID can be integrated into many types of environments, such as remote access (VPN), domain access, Website access, risk-mitigation and transaction-based systems, and can be installed locally on premise, or accessed through the company€™s Cloud Service.

"Most small businesses feel that they are safe by using antivirus programs and firewalls, but for today's cyber-criminals, that's child's play," George Waller, executive vice president of StrikeForce, said in a prepared statement. "The SMB community has become easy prey; all it takes to get hacked is for one employee to open an infected email, or visit a commonly used Website that has been tampered with and is now a harbinger of malware, or, download a presumably safe file from a business associate or friend. Hackers are taking advantage of the common things we do every day to communicate with others."

GuardID takes control of the keyboard at the lowest possible layer in the kernel. The keystrokes are then encrypted and sent to the browser via an €œout-of-band€ channel bypassing the Windows messaging queue. The software has a built-in self-monitoring capability, which prevents it from being bypassed by other software. If GuardedID is tampered with in any way, it will warn the user of the breach. The platform also monitors the keyboard device driver stack to detect untrusted drivers (which could potentially be keyloggers). If an un-trusted driver is discovered, GuardedID warns the user by showing the "Unknown Driver Warning" dialog.

"Combining our anti-keylogging with our out-of-band authentication will provide military-grade protection to the SMB for a small price tag," Waller continued. "ProtectID is our patented out-of-band authentication platform that enables SMB's to use their mobile devices to log in to their corporate VPN's, customer contact databases and cloud applications, etc. Our SMB offering protects data from being stolen due to keyloggers and unwanted access due to the lack of two-factor out-of-band authentication."