Tech Foes Join Forces for Secure Code

Microsoft, Symantec and others come together to create best practices for secure product development.

Rival technology companies have joined forces to create the Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping software developers deliver more secure products.

The idea of the organization is to reduce IT vulnerabilities, improve resistance to attack and protect supply chains by uniting key technology companies.

The group, composed of EMC, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, SAP and Symantec, said it will create and promote a set of development practices and controls that protect software, hardware and services.

Officials involved in the project said membership is open to all global software, hardware or IT services providers.

In addition, SAFECode will reach out to government leaders and critical infrastructure operators from around the globe that will form an advisory panel to help the organization better understand and respond to key software assurance challenges, officials of the new group said.

"Software assurance is a critical element of IT ecosystem security," said Paul Kurtz, executive director of SAFECode, in a statement. "By building on the positive work already done in this area by individual firms and encouraging broader adoption of proven best practices for the development and delivery of more secure technology products and services, SAFECode has a unique opportunity to significantly impact the overall security and reliability of the cyber infrastructure."

The group was announced Tuesday at the RSA Conference Europe in London.

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