The 10 Most Interesting Products at RSA 2009

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The 10 Most Interesting Products at RSA 2009

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Altor Networks Virtual Firewall

Built solely for the virtualized data center, the Altor Virtual Firewall enforces security policy for each guest while tracking traffic that might be hidden from physical firewall products.

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Bit9 Parity

IT managers who are installing Bit9's Parity into an existing fleet of systems and servers will spend a lot of time in the "warnings" section getting a handle on the installed software in the environment.

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Finjan Secure Web Gateway

The top-of-the-line Finjan Secure Web Gateway NG-8100 provides Web security, data leak prevention and logging with a central management system to track performance.

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Passlogix v-Go

Passlogix's premier v-Go single sign-on, provisioning and authentication tools can streamline access control while significantly reducing operational and compliance costs.

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Qualysguard PCI Web Application Scanning

Qualysguard PCI Web Application Scanning's results help streamline the PCI DSS compliance audit process.

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Shavlik Netchk Protect

Shavlik Netchk Protect is a past and present favorite because the product works well to update offline virtual machines that are otherwise a mine waiting to go off in the virtualized data center.

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Sophos Endpoint Protection

Management is crucial to controlling costs, and Sophos has for some time provided a good management interface for its endpoint protection products.

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Sunbelt Vipre Enterprise

Sunbelt Vipre Enterprise promises anti-virus, anti-spyware and rootkit protection, while using only a modest amount of end-user system resources.

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Third Brigade Deep Security

The Third Brigade Deep Security product protects physical and virtual servers with an eye toward effective management of the data center.

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TripwireTripwire configuration and risk management products consistently track how changes in the data center will impact performance while also helping companies manage compliance audits.